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Vaccine Updates, as of April 13, 2021

We are excited to announce that we have received a supply of AstraZeneca vaccine at our clinic!
  • The vaccine will be available to any patient of the TWFHT ages 55 and older
  • It will be administered at the Bathurst clinic (440 Bathurst St, 3rd Floor) but available to Garrison Creek patients as well
  • We will keep you posted as to when and how you can book an appointment. Please do not contact our reception team about booking this vaccine at this time, as we need to keep our phone lines open for urgent medical concerns.
AstraZeneca Vaccine: 
Many of you are understandably concerned about the AstraZeneca vaccine. The restrictions on use of this vaccine have been made out of an abundance of caution, until we can learn more about possible side effects. We would like to put the Astra vaccine risk into context for you:
  • The risk of getting the severe blood clot complication of the AstraZeneca vaccine (VTIS) is 1 in 100,000 at worst.
  • The risk of dying from COVID is 3 in 100. 
  • In London (UK) where Astra vaccine has been used extensively, deaths from COVID have dropped to almost zero! It is a highly effective vaccine. 
 AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson once it is available, are the two vaccines that are best suited for use in a medical office. Moderna and Pfizer are more difficult to store and are best used in larger vaccine clinics.

Vaccine Booking Options:
  • Please visit the websites listed below instead of calling the clinic, as we do not have more information beyond what is listed below. 
  • Thank you for your patience-we will keep you informed as we learn more.
Provincial Vaccination Registry:
  • Effective March 15, you can book a vaccine appointment on the provincial booking system at or call 1-833-943-3900
  • Currently, the registry is only available for eligible groups. Eligibility is clearly outlined by clicking the link above.
Toronto Vaccination Clinics:

Currently, the following groups can book vaccine appointments at several Toronto vaccination clinics:

Group 1: People who are aged 60+ years and older (born on or before this day in 1961)

Group 2: Adults self-identifying as First Nations, Inuit or Métis (age 16 and up)

Group 3: Health care workers identified as Highest, Very High and High Priority who are working in hospital and the community (as per the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Prioritization Guidelines for Health Care Workers)

Group 4: Faith Leaders

Group 5: Residents, some essential caregivers and staff of high risk congregate settings

Group 6: Adults age 50+ in COVID-19 Hot Spots Communities
Postal codes: M1B, M1C,M1E,M1G,M1H, M1J,M1K,M1L,M1M,M1P,M1R,M1S,M1T,M1V,M1W,M1X

Primary Essential Caregiver are included for individuals with specific health conditions who require regular and sustained assistance with personal care and/or activities of daily living.

AstraZeneca Vaccine
UHN Vaccine Registry

UHN is now pre-registering individuals with eligible high-risk health conditions as well as individuals ages 18-49 with postal codes M5V, M6E, M6H for the COVID-19 vaccine. *This is not a vaccination appointment. This is to access a list and you will be contacted when a vaccine is available*
Click here for eligibility criteria and to pre-register. 

Vaccines for ages 18-49 in hot spot areas:

Toronto Public Health is still finalizing the vaccine rollout for eligible individulas in this category.  Most vaccinations will be administered via mobile, "pop-up" clinics-they will not take appointments and will vaccinate on a first-come first serve basis. This information will be shared with the community directy by neighbourhood groups. 

UHN is pre-registering vaccination appointments for anyone between the ages of 18-49 with postal codes M5V M6E, M6H. Click here to register. 

Toronto Public Health
  • If you have questions about COVID-19 or the vaccine, contact Toronto Public Health Hotline 8:30am - 8pm (Interpretation is available)
            Telephone: 416-338-7600
            TTY: 416-392-0658

Vaccine Hesitancy

We understand there are hesitations about the vaccine for some, and this is a concern for us as health care providers. We have compiled a list of FAQ’s and encourage you to get the first vaccine that is offered to you, as they are all amazingly effective at preventing severe disease, hospitalization and death.

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ’s

COVID-19 Vaccine Common Myths & Misconceptions 


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