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Virtual Care Visit Instructions

Before the visit

·      Make sure our clinic has your current email address

·      You will receive an email with instructions 2 days before your appointment

·      Do you want your family or caregiver to attend the appointment with you?                   Forward the email and this guide to them, so they have the access and                       instructions for the appointment as well

What you need

·      You must have a cell phone, tablet, or computer with:

-       High speed internet

-       Camera and microphone

-       Access to the email instructions about your appointment

-       Supported operating system and web browser

o   Mac OS X 10.12 and later - latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

o   Windows 7 or Windows 10 - latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge

o   iOS 11 and later- latest version of Safari

o   Android 9 and later- latest version of Chrome

o   Chrome OS - latest version of Chrome

o   You cannot use Internet Explorer

IMPORTANT: Please let our clinic staff know if you do not have any of the above and can’t attend the virtual appointment

What to do before the appointment

·      Click the Test your connection button in the email to check:

-       Your internet connection

-       Your video and audio are working

If it doesn’t work:

         If it works:

1. Close other applications on your computer, cell phone, or tablet

2. Click Attend your virtual visit button in the email

-       The TELUS EMR Virtual Visit window will open in your web browser

-       Accept if there is a message asking for access to your camera and


-       You should see yourself on the screen

-       You should see solid bars appear in the audio panel on the left  

        side when you speak

3. Click Join virtual visit and wait for your doctor to join the call

-       Once your doctor joins, you will see them on screen

-       You can message your doctor using the Chat option

4. Close your browser window when the visit is complete