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myUHN Patient Portal

As a patient of the Toronto Western Family Health Team you may be able to create a myUHN Patient Portal account.

To register for myUHN Patient Portal, click here

What is myUHN?

myUHN is a secure website and app for patients of University Health Network (UHN). myUHN lets you safely see your appointments and results from all UHN sites as soon as they are ready. With myUHN, you can access your personal health record anywhere, anytime on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

With myUHN, you will be able to see

To read more about myUHN Patient Portal, click here. 

For video tutorials about myUHN, click here.

Questions about myUHN

If you have any questions about myUHN patient portal please contact:

The TW FHT has a separate online system from myUHN Patient Portal.

You will not be able to do the following on myUHN Patient Portal

For all TW FHT appointment bookings and communication with TW FHT staff and providers, please use our website.

How can I view my results on myUHN?

For more information on how you can view your results, visit the myUHN website Frequently Asked Questions.

Attachment (click to download):
 Adobe Acrobat Document TWFHT and myUHN Patient Tip Sheet.pdf