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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

At UHN, we believe that patients are our partners in their care.  The safest and highest quality care is achieved when patients/families and staff work together collaboratively as partners.  

Thus, the Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities was developed, with input from both staff and patients of UHN, to set clear expectations for all.

You can download and view the Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities by following the links below, or read the introducation on the UHN website here.

Switching Family Doctors Within Our FHT

A question that occasionally arises is whether a patient can switch to a different doctor.  The Toronto Western Family Health Team supports patients remaining with their primary care provider and does not permit switches between different doctors within the same clinic (except in rare situations).

If a patient feels that the doctor’s approach is not meeting their needs, the patient is encouraged to schedule an appointment with their doctor to discuss any concerns.  If the concerns cannot be resolved after communication between the patient and the doctor, in exceptional circumstances, the TW FHT will conduct a review and consider a change in doctors.