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Guidelines for Measles Vaccine

With the recent global increase in measles activity, many patients are asking about vaccination for their children and themselves. Vaccination against measles is the most important factor in the prevention of transmission. Measles cases in Canada are most often associated with travel.

The MMR vaccine protects against measles, mumps, and rubella, and is abbreviated as MMR.

We are experiencing a high volume of calls about the MMR vaccine. Please refer to the information below for guidance.

MMR Vaccine Recommendations for Infants and Children

Infants are at greatest risk since routine vaccination for measles does not begin until one year of age.

If there is no planned travel, the routine vaccine schedule is recommended:

With planned travel, infants:

With planned travel, children:

MMR Vaccine Recommendations for Adults

For individuals born before 1970:

For individuals born in 1970 or later:

Travellers to areas where measles is present: 

Unless you have already had 2 doses of the MMR vaccine, it is currently advised to consider getting a dose of MMR prior to travel. Regardless of prior immunization status and especially if you may not have received all of your recommended doses before, or have never had a measles infection.

 Source: Toronto Public Health

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**our receptionists and nurses cannot provide your vaccine history to you over the phone**

Do you need to speak to your primary care provider about MMR?

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