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Common Symptoms During Pregnancy

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First Trimester
Second Trimester
Third Trimester
Morning Sickness
Braxton-Hicks Contractions

First Trimester

In the first three months of your pregnancy, most women will experience some of these physical changes:

Second Trimester (12-28 weeks)

During the second trimester, your pregnancy will start to show. Many women feel a growing sense of well being during the second trimester. In addition, morning sickness and fatigue improves for many women throughout this time.

In the second trimester, you may expect the following physical changes:

Third Trimester (28-40 weeks)

By the third trimester, you may start to feel uncomfortable as the size of your baby grows. You may experience some of the following:

I am having "Morning Sickness" Help!

* If despite all of this, you are still nauseated or vomiting, your doctor can prescribe a medication called Diclectin® for you. Diclectin® is safe to use in pregnancy.

Braxton-Hicks Contractions

Information about how to identify the signs of premature labour, and about how to distinguish between early and established labour when you have reached your due date is provided in the sections listed in the Labour and Delivery section.