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New Patient Registration

Interested in Becoming a New Patient?

We are accepting new patients. To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

We are only accepting applications from those who do not have a regular family doctor. To confirm this, you will need to register with Health Care Connect prior to submitting your application.

How do I join?

1. Register with Heath Care Connect. If you do not register with Health Care Connect, your application will be rejected 

2. Complete the on-line application form by clicking here.

What happens after I submit my application to join the TW FHT?

Your application will be reviewed, and we will confirm with Health Care Connect that you do not have an existing primary care provider. Within 4 weeks of your application date, you will receive an email confirmation from TW FHT.     

Wait times vary depending on the availability of the providers and we have some new providers who can see you sooner. The waitlist is processed in order of application date.  

When your application is at the top of the waitlist, you will receive an email with the following information:

*A Primary Care Provider (PCP) is a health professional that a person sees or talks to when they need care or advice about their health. At the TW FHT, your PCP may be a physiciannurse practitioner or a medical resident. Your PCP is usually your first point of contact for any health issue.

See our catchment area in the map below:

Click for a larger view(Toronto Western FHT Catchment Area - click for a larger view)

If you live outside of these catchment areas, please contact Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822 or visit https://www.ontario.ca/page/find-family-doctor-or-nurse-practitioner