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Quality Improvement Plan

At the Toronto Western Family Health Team (TW FHT) we aim to keep you healthy and provide you with a good experience with care that is: 

1.  Patient Centered: Care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs and values; ensuring
     patient values guide clinical decisions.

2.  Safe: Avoiding harm that may arise during the provision of care.

3.  Effective: Providing health care services based on sound medical evidence and knowledge thus avoiding underuse,
     overuse, and misuse of services.

4.  Timely: Providing access to care in a timely manner.

5.  Equitable: Ensuring care does not vary in quality due to personal characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, location and
     socio-economic status. 

6.  Efficient: Avoiding waste and duplication of services 

Our FHT is constantly working to improve the quality of care you receive.  We measure how we are doing through patient experience surveys and tracking patient health outcomes so we can learn where we can improve our services. We greatly value your feedback to identify areas of focus.

Our current priorities include:

1.  Expanding access to help you see a health provider in a timely manner when required. 

2.  Keeping you updated on preventative screening tests and immunizations.

3.  Ensuring the safety of the care we deliver.

4.  Supporting care transitions from the hospital to community. 

Watch Dr. Mike Evans explain Quality Improvement in Health Care in the short video linked below.

Quality Improvement in Health Care