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Uninsured Services

What are "non-OHIP" covered services or "uninsured services"?

Non -OHIP covered services are those services provided to patients that are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). The Ministry covers all insured medically necessary services provided by physicians, however, it does not pay for services that are not medically necessary. These may include: writing sick notes, cosmetic procedures, charges for missed appointments, completing forms for daycare, insurance, legal or employment purposes, or if your health card is not valid on the day of your appointment.

Why am I being charged for these services?

OHIP pays physicians for most medical services delivered to patients. Services not covered by OHIP or another insurance plan are called uninsured services.  Your physician will request a payment from you for those services.  It is the patient's responsibility to pay for uninsured services.

How are the uninsured fee rates determined?

When fees are charged for uninsured services, they are based on the Ontario Medical Association's suggested fees as found in the most current edition of the OMA Physician's Guide to Third Party and Other Uninsured Services.

What if I have questions?

For more details please see the Ministry's website or contact your nearest Ministry office.

Patient Payment Costs

Non OHIP INSURED SERVICES Family Health Team: 2022

Missed Appointments (all health care professionals) Cost
Regular appointment $30.00
Periodic Health Exam, counselling, or procedural $60.00

Uninsured Appointments (applies to patients without provincial/federal coverage, UHIP)

General Assessment or Physical A003 $175.00
Intermediate Assessment A007 $75.00
Minor Assessment A001 $50.00
Full child physical K017 $100.00
Uninsured Services/Procedures
TB Skin Test (for employment or volunteer service) $20.00/step (not including forms)
TB Skin Test Form $30.00
Liquid nitrogen treatment (OHIP covers feet and genital removals) $20.00
Ear syringing, not meeting OHIP guidelines $25.00
Removal of lesions (moles/cysts/skin tags) $50 - $200
Circumcision - Newborn - up to 1 month $220.00
Travel Advice $60.00
Insurance Medical Examination $200.00
Sports Medicine Clinic Methylprednisolone Injection $20.00
Sports Medicine Clinic Viscosupplementation Injection (Durolane) & Procedure $445.00
Sports Medicine Clinic Viscosupplementation Injection (Durolane) $50.00
Sports Medicine Clinic Ultrasound $75.00
Sports Medicine Clinic Saline Artho-distension $150.00
Forms Cost

Appointment Required

School/camp $30.00
Pre-employment $35.00
Fitness Club $35.00
Hospital/Nursing Home Employee $35.00
Licensing Forms
Drivers Medical Exam (FLRC80): must add exam cost on this $50.00
** Physical exam is separate and non ohip covered (180$ total with form) $130.00
Work/School Forms/Notes
Back to Work $20.00
Sick Notes/Day Care $20.00
Fed Employee Absence Note (Blue) $20.00
Insurance Certificates
Treatment Plan (OCF-18) $140.00
Disability Form (OCF-3) $140.00
Determination of Catastrophic Impairment (OCF-19) $120.00
Treatment Confirmation (OCF-23)  $140.00
Travel Cancellation $35.00
Disease/System Specific Questionnaire $80.00
UIC Disability/Maternity Certificate $30.00
Insurance medical examination (assessment and report) $235.00
APS (Attending Physician’s Statement) $145.00
Government Forms
CPP Disability Medical Report  (government copay $85) $85.00
CPP narrative medical report $150.00
Rev Canada, Fed Disability Tax Credit $45.00
Employment Insurance Medical Certificate $45.00
Chart Transfer $30 (includes USB stick cost)
Charges for Reproduction/Transmission of Medical Records (not to patient but to other party such as lawyer, insurance company, etc.)

(a) Copying/printing (or digital reproduction)

(b) Out-of-pocket disbursements (were applicable)

(c) Physician review of records (where applicable)

(a) $30 (first 20 pages) + $0.25 per page thereafter

(b) At cost

(c) Physician's hourly rate, after first 15 minutes
Handicap Parking None
Hearing Aide None

Please Note: You may be reimbursed for your costs by your insurance provider